IEEE SPS Türkiye Chapter Open Lectures – I

IEEE SPS Türkiye chapter starts an open lecture series by distinguished lecturers from academia and industry. The first lecture will be given by Dr. Hiroshi Sawada, Executive Manager at the NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan. His lecture will be on blind source separation of audio signals, focusing on ICA (Independent Component Analysis), NMF (Non- negative Matrix Factorization) and ILRMA (Independent low-rank matrix analysis) which has been developed as a sophisticated integration of NMF and ICA.


Live Stream on YouTube:

Dr. Hiroshi Sawada received his Ph.D. degree in information science from Kyoto University, in 2001. He is now a senior distinguished researcher at the NTT Communication Science Laboratories. He served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech and Language Processing from 2006 to 2009, and as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing from 2019 to 2022. He is a 2022 Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He is an IEEE Fellow, an IEICE Fellow, and a member of the ASJ.