Dr. Zhengzhang IEEE Comsoc Türkiye’nin davetlisi olarak İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi’de sunum yapacak

Edge computing, 5G/6G networks and AI/ML overview and interconnection
Dr. Zhensheng Zhang, Boeing (retired)

In this talk, we first give a high level overview of cloud/edge computing, 5G/6G networks and Artificial
intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), in terms of their status and latest developments. Then we
discuss the relationship among the three important research areas, especially the relationship between
edge computing and 5G/6G networks. We will present several examples where AI/ML being used to
support edge computing and 5G/6G, respectively. If time permits, how to conduct research in these fast
moving stages will be briefly shared.

Dr. Zhensheng Zhang received his Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Los
Angeles (UCLA). He has over thirty years’ experience in design and analysis of network architecture,
protocols and control algorithms, modeling and simulation of the communication networks. He has
worked at Boeing (retired), Cubic Corporation, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, and Columbia
University, respectively, focusing on research and development in wireless networks. His research
interests include wireless ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks and Machine learning/AI based on
5G/6G networks. In past few decades, Dr. Zhang has been very actively involved in many IEEE Comsoc
activities/initiatives. He served as the IEEE 5G Summit San Diego, 2019, General co-chair, IEEE
Globecom 2015 Executive vice Chair; IEEE Globecom 2012 TPC Chair ; IEEE ICC 2015 TPC vice Chair;
Editor, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2000-2004). He is an IEEE Fellow and on the
IEEE communication society board of governors (BoG), 2021-2023.